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06-29-2011, 10:42 PM

My colleague from work and I decided to start this company we're still developing the website but the design is finished. I just wanted to get some feedback on it, my partner designed it but I'm doing all the codeing so its not my design.

Thank You,

06-29-2011, 11:12 PM
checked it, nice flow and feel... only comments are you have on home page contact us and then another "contact us" page that is blank. Also the image above Identity in portfolio does not load... only other comment I'd say is something similar to what I said in this (http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=230573) thread... you don't catch spam or bots (well i didnt check source to see if you have a hidden input field or something) but seemingly there isn't (also didn't try to drop a line and see if you handle it after "user" posts a contact message

06-30-2011, 01:13 AM
thanks, yea there are a few things that we're still working on and I actually just finished the contact us page. What kind of spam are we talking here cause I know wordpress sites get tons of it. I use the same contact script on another website and only received maybe like 2 or 3 spam emails in about a year, would I have a huge spam problem without the extra code to block spam?

06-30-2011, 04:53 AM
i personally don't have too much xp w/ spam aside from personal... i am now beginning to branch out and do personal site, but my company mainly deals with secure web apps that spam doesn't touch (high security details)... just a precautionary bc i personally hate spam and i get tons in my own personal email.

06-30-2011, 06:51 AM
I honestly dont like the captchas any body have any other feedback?

06-30-2011, 08:29 PM
There are a few coding problems that you might wish to correct:


06-30-2011, 09:09 PM
roger that! like I said theres still much developing left to do havn't yet gotten to validating but after looking at the validation it looks like I just used a bit of the old html no biggie...I was looking for along the lines of design though thanks everyone for the feedback