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07-10-2003, 02:35 AM
Hello Everyone!

I am having difficulty finding a script that will allow me to protect a page with a password so that only certain people enter this page.

I would like this feature because I want to put an interactive calendar of my work hours on my website so that my co-workers and I can tell eachother our shifts and when we want to book off or exchange shifts. I want it to be protected so that random people can't mess around with the calendar. I'd like to make a calendar that can display names and times, as well as have a way for people to change dates and times or e-mail other workers.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :)
I can be reached @ lisa_bella3686@hotmail.com, or simply reply in this forum.

07-10-2003, 09:50 AM
Hi lisabella.

Unless you have server side access then this (passord protection)will only be semi secure.

You can then easily set up a page for people to view a calendar but unless you have server side capabilities then it will only be you who can affect a change on your pages.

I will email you the files if you want them along with instructions on what to do. PM me if you'd like the files/code and instructions.