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06-11-2011, 05:10 AM
So I putted stuff into mycnf, so that slow queries are logging into
mysql.slow_log table. Time set >=1 sec.

Let me tell you nothing pops into that table. Checked with setting 0 sec, and that works fine, all kind of things are flying into that table, all queries measures 0,00000.

The prob:
click refresh a couple of times to get idea.

As you see at the bottom of page, the server side load time is as it is. If I remove all html & jsp processing & hence images load and let only display the timing, the server side processing time is basicaly the same !.

So I guess it is the db it is slowing things down, despite, nothing gets into slow log.

Any ideas ?

EDIT: same amount of images, another sql, like 10x faster: http://agrozoo.net/jsp/Galery.jsp?p1=||||||Ranunculaceae||||||||100000|la|||||||||||||%20_%20_%20_%20_%20_%20_%20_%20_%20_% 20_%20_%20|||la||||en&p100=18

Must be db thing. How to find what is the prob ?