View Full Version : menu type?

05-30-2011, 08:31 PM
Hey all-
I think this is prob in the wrong forum (but i figured a lot of you will know and I have 2 routes I can go (C# or javascript) so anyways I posted here...)
What I am trying to do is make a nav menu and it will look something like this

upon mouseover I want each element to behave similarly; I want the current hovered item to expand to 200px and shrink the other two to 50px over a time period of idk- say .5 sec (kind of arbitrary)... I've researched and found some info on what I thought this type of nab bar was -accordion menu- but now I am unsure that is is... maybe it is a slider?
My initial thoughts are that this is a variation of a slider menu... is that accurate?

Edit: Note* I have looked into "sliders" and they return items like sliding volume levels- and I have only found picture clide show stuff which is why I am leaning towards this being a modification of an accordion