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05-29-2011, 12:26 PM
i need someone to create a 20 x 20 cell table.
1. each cell needs to change colour over 7 days, so starts green then changes between 7 colours to indicate how long its been since last reset
2. once the cell is selected and a "reset" button clicked it would reset back to green and the colour change starts over
3. a second button next to the reset labeled "roid" would change the cell to red and it needs to stay red until reset, also an area to input information needs to be avaliable. infomation required is: Location, Size, Type and additional
4. if someone clicks on the red cell the information would then show.
5. once the red cell is reset the information is deleted.

thanks for taking a look.

please send me quote for this work.
payment will be sent via paypal once i have recieved and tested the script.