View Full Version : Need Senior Flex/Flash Developers - budget is not a concern!

05-21-2011, 08:36 PM
Dear developers,

I need very experienced Flex/Flash developers (5+ or more) who are interested in doing some freelancing or a part-time contract for developing an Pre-Alpha/Beta version of an online browser-based game I'm currently working on, it's basically a Sci-Fi browser game with Super/Real Robots involved in a galactic wars.

What you need for this position:

- Experience on Flexbuilder, OO ActionScript 2.0/3.0 programming for flex design patterns.
- Video Game development experience for multiple platforms is a must.
- Excellent debugging Skills.
- Good Algorithm analysis/implementation.
- Deep understanding of the software development lifecycle.
- Passion for developing online video games.
- Knowledge of 2D and Physics for games.
- Knowledge of AI ( Artificial Intelligence) and MMO development.
- Online, working prototypes of games he/she worked on are a huge plus.

What you'll be doing:

- Develop engaging, interactive and fast-paced online worlds.
- Use Flash Builder and/or Flash CS5 to build Flash assets from scratch.
- Write clean, reusable, and scalable ActionScript code.
- Work closely with a creative director to collaboratively come up with concepts and execute those concepts using Flash.

I will have to see some real mad skills so please no amateur work, you are free to post your prices and samples in this thread or shoot me an email at my email: ammyassen@gmail.com

Thanks in advance and I hope to find someone very talented here!