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07-02-2003, 08:53 PM
First of all - thank you so much for fixing the script - and the lame html stuff too. It works now!

About the Coldfusion project:

I hope I conforming to the forum guidelines by posting this here, but since you asked, here is my rather drawn out situation:

Help! I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this school project.

I have to design a site where there is a form for a non-technical person can just paste the title and contents of an article into a text area (i can make this form ok i think) the form gets submitted into a database (i can make the access or msql database) - then there is a form with a list of all the

***titles in the database and beside each title in this form is a radiobutton. (I think i can do this)

***Then finally, when the user selects a radio button and clicks an update button on the bottom of this form, the corresponding title AND article content is updated on the homepage of the site.

I can create all of the html needed, and I can format the returned data (i think).
I'm just having trouble with the logical flow needed with the coldfusion forms I should use.

Can someone direct me to a tutorial or at least point me in the general direction of how to proceed.

Here is what I think I know:

I can Create database with article_name and article_content (menu datatype)
I can update the database with the content
I can retrieve the title into a form with a radiobutton next to it.

I'm not sure how to do the following:

Question: How do I write a cfif statement to select the "TRUE" or selected title and content - and submit them into the homepage.

This is probably where I need the most help.
Question: Do I need to write this cfif statement - or is there a better solution? (what will this if statement look like and what do I set the value and name of the radiobutton to)

Question: When I select the radiobutton to replace the content on the homepage, will the content already on the homepage be automatically deleted?

Any help or guidance to a tutorial or time taken would be a wonderful help.
I have searched as well as I could using such keywords as: radiobutton, automatic, update, content, cms update, etc. and have only found fragments of what I need.

Most grateful in advance - and hopeful


Worth Noting: I have gotten a couple of suggestions to use a drop down select instead of radiobuttons, but the client/teacher wants the radiobuttons.