View Full Version : Transparent images with links over a background image

05-06-2011, 10:03 PM
I am updating a website and ran into problems. Someone made a nice MS Word file that I need to change and upload. (I am using Word 2007.) The file she sent has transparent images ontop of a background image. These transparent images have text within them, which I can edit in Microsoft Word itself to make hyperlinks. But when the file is convert to html (under save, web page) everything is there but I can't click on the links. The web page is one large image!

I have the boxes with text in them as separate files in MS Word. I have the images (including the background image) in .png format as well.

She also sent me .mht files, but I can't even open those.

I tried making an .xhtml file, but the server doesn't seem to support it. In CSS I can position the images, but I am having trouble with being able to click the links within the imags. Using image map in html seems like way too much work to use on text links.

I have successfully placed images, one on top of another and had the WHOLE graphic be clickable through CSS, but not the individual text. I am not sure if a z-index would help.

Any help (and code) would be appreciated. I could upload a file if necessary.