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05-06-2011, 05:33 PM
Hello everyone,

I have (for example) 400px wide and 100px high rectangle with marquee tag around. In this rectangle I have about 8-10 pics. Is it possible to create another html document (lets say marquee.html) and create marquee scrolling pictures there and then just put some kind of code into the index.html with tags like I dont know maybe <marquee.. marquee.html /> ?
Its bothering me that when i put pictures in this rectangle the whole site starts collapsing and deforming and its very annoying because then you dont know if you really deformed the site or not so you have to test it every single time when you change a code a bit..

Hope I didnt complicate 2 much and someone will understand what I'm trying to do :D Any idea is welcome!

05-06-2011, 05:46 PM
the <marquee> element is deprecated and most folks will recommend you don't use it anyhow because it's a huge PITA. you will want to look into using a JavaScript driven Slideshow

05-06-2011, 06:09 PM
PITA ? yes, it's all over the google recommended not to use it..but still dont know why.. back to the javascprit makes me sick already because It cant handle 2 scripts already (simple lightbox and navbar), I wonder if the site would work with 3 scripts in it :)) Any other solution instead of javascript ? Thank you for your answer though :)

05-06-2011, 06:28 PM
pita= pain in the a** :). if your site is having issues using only 2 scripts, you have bigger problems to worry about. is it an external website? can you post a link?

05-06-2011, 09:06 PM
hah I though it must be something like that :)) Actual I dont really know for sure what external website is but I think its not and I cant post a link because it's not on line yet. Web site is for local heating company and is limited just to one country so I think its not external (hope im not making fun of myself..).
Yes let me explain more, first script is for menu, I can post link where I got it from so maybe you can try it yourself if you wish (http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/design-tutorials/how-to-build-and-enhance-a-3-level-navigation-menu/ - this is navbar) and the second script is lightbox http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox2/ ), so now everything works on half, if I have pics in site to open, javascript for nav bar is disabled, if there is no pics in site then navbar uses javascript to animate menu.. I dont know why this happened, how can I fix it... Im not php coder or javascript coder or even html writer, Im total amateur actually working my first website and i think it wouldn't be a problem sending it to someone who can help me with anything..
So if I wanted instead marquee tool to use javascript maybe someone can post me some directions what should I look for, whats the name of the script that im looking for or anything.. Thank you for your help so far,you saved me at least a day of work :)
I hope its not hard reading my posts I apologize for mistakes, English is not my mother language - far from that :)