View Full Version : Help w/Wordpress Invisible Like Butn

04-28-2011, 07:38 PM
I need help with a script that make the facebook "Like" button invisible, and I know how to do it on a regular site, but how would I do this on a Wordpress blog? Heres an ex of it in action: http://autolike.arunzrealm.com/ (http://autolike.arunzrealm.com/) and of the actual script http://www.bhsource.net/invisible-facebook-like-button-script/

I would like to run this script on my wordpress blog but I dont know where to put the code on the <!------------------Add the below three lines in your file also just below <head> tag -------> and <!------------------Add the below two lines in your file also just above </head> tag similarly -------> also <!------------------Add the below line in your file also just below <body> tag similarly ------->

Please help me bcuz it would help get ppl to like my fanpage more, but I just dont know where to add this code on Wordpress :eek:

I put the config.js file into my site root folder, along with the like.js file; so I think I did that correct so far lol.