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04-15-2011, 12:34 AM
Ok, this is a long post and is a big request so if you dont want to read alot of text or dont give out freebies, I would advice you going away now if you dont want to waste any time.

Ok, anyhow, hi. This is my first post ad its a biggy. As an overall summary, I need to create a form which can be filled out that posts the information onto 1 page, but also creates another page automatically with it on.

Now the detail. I run a site which uses phpbb user as the main site profile. I have intergrated into my homepage so you can log in there and see the info. What i need is a form which can be filled out by an admin with specific fields that would add a news segment onto the homepage.

What I can do of this is if the admin wants to post a news segment on the homepage, they can click a link that will lead them to a conformation page that asks for thier details again and then checks thier phpb usergroup to see if they are an admin or not. I can also make it so once they have conformed it, they have access to the form.

Now the form is a bit complicated. First off it needs these fields:

Home Segment
Article Segment

The title is self explanitary. It is the main title of the news segment itself. The home segment is a small description of the actual segment itself. Article segment is the tricky bit. I need it to create a new page within a specific folder and it be domain.com/folder/title.php . I would also like it to post the date within the tags below. Oh and there needs to be a readmore link created with a link to the article

The actual html for the segments would be:

<a name="title of segment"></a>
<h2>title of segment</h2>

<p>homepage desc for homepage of full desc for article
<p class="post-footer align-right">
<a href="article link" class="readmore">Read more</a><span class="date">check system date</span></p>
<br />

If you need more info, which you probably do, dont hesitate to ask.

My site homepage is this : http://theholostudios.co.uk . This is if you want to see the layout.

Oh and sorry if this sounds quite nooby, i am still learning all this stuff.