View Full Version : Change Collation on all Tables and Columns

04-14-2011, 06:28 PM
Found this great little utility if you need to change collation of a bunch of tables and columns all at once. It's called Phoca Changing Collation

I am working on a huge PHP/MySQL project and because of time constraints in the beginning I wasn't paying attention, I was just importing from MSSQL. Well I ended up with a bunch of junk, a few utf8_general_ci and a few others latin and others other ones and it was a mess when I found out today that happened.

So this little thing saved me a long time of work :D

Pretty cool, just gotta remember to go into it's PHP file and change the max_execution_time to something really really high if you have a lot of tables and such. I had around 200 tables with thousands of records each. So I had to change it to something like 4800 to get through all tables myself. But other than that it's pretty sweet!! :thumbsup: