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04-08-2011, 12:43 AM
I've setup the following categories:
Parent Category
- Child Category A (contains post Test Project 1)
- Child Category B (contains posts called Project 2 and Project 3)

Here are the category pages:
Parent Category (http://cpanel4.frontline.net/~ggarchit/category/test-parent-category/)
Child Category A (http://cpanel4.frontline.net/~ggarchit/category/test-parent-category/test-child-category-a/)
Child Category B (http://cpanel4.frontline.net/~ggarchit/category/test-parent-category/test-child-category-b/)

The child category/archive pages work the way I want them to work, which is to display the post title and custom thumbnail picture(designated by a custom field).

However the parent category/archive page works the same way. But what I really want the parent category/archive page to do is display the names of the Child Categories and the custom thumbnail pics from the first post in those child categories. So if you were on the parent category page it would show a "Child Category A" link and pic from Project 1 and next to it, it would show a "Child Category B" link and pic from Project 2.

Please advise how I can create a second archive page to designate as the one that the parent category archive should use.

Thanks in advance.

08-25-2011, 08:07 PM

unfortunately the above pages seem to have been deleted. Said that, let me explain how I manage to display relevant categories on a given page by example of wordpress:

Basically, thanks to the straighforward cpanel of wp, the option to add categories inside a post of a page is given and it`s simpler than some might think.

Steps: Let`s say that you want to add a child category below the parents category page. In wordpress, just click edit near your post, to open up the edit screen. Then simply add normal text (below or in the middle of the text body), for example "child category 1" . Lastly, highlight the whole entered text and click on the link tab to insert the corresponding link back to the predestined category (child category 1). After saving the edited post, you should now have a text link below your parent category page redirecting users to the child category 1 page.

Hope this helps

08-27-2011, 04:10 PM
The problem is, sixrfan doesn't indicate if they are using wp or html to do for their site. Yes, it is much easier to do in wp, and the process is pretty straightforward, which is why I generally just do sites in wp now.