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04-07-2011, 08:33 PM

I need a form on my website to collect 4 fields and I then need to act on them.

I have used FrontPage Extensions to handle all my forms in the past and send myself an E-mail. I then take that information and import a contact into Outlook and enter them into my SMS/E-mail providers site. I now need to expand on that and automate this process.

I want to capture First Name, Last Name, E-mail address and Birthday. I then want to send an e-mail letting us know someone has signed up. I want to then add that info into a contact record in Outlook 2007 into a specific category. I also want to do an http-post to Trumpia.com 's API to add the contact and then add the person to a distribution list. I have an API key to add the contact to Trumpia using an http-post but do not know how to set it all up.

I currently use GoDaddy Hosting on a Windows server with Front Page extensions. After eliminating the need for Front Page Extensions (to handle the sign up form I currently use) I would like to migrate this domain hosting to HostGator.

Please contact me with a Bid on completing this script or code required to do this.


Doug Hysell

04-07-2011, 09:20 PM
This is the incorrect forum.
Moving from PHP to Unknown Sized projects.