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04-06-2011, 03:42 AM
So I'm starting a rather large project and I decided that I really need to look into CVS this time around, as I have no experience with it yet, and have heard nothing but great comments about it. I'm so excited to get started using it.

I've consulted my Host, and they said that neither Git nor SVN is permitted.

So, first of all I need help choosing one that isn't either of the two above, and is easy to work with/efficient. I'm thinking Mercurial so far, but any opinions? I'm using Windows 7. but I'm not sure what it is exactly for the server. All it says is "Linux"...

Secondly, I need some guidance on how to set it up on a server, so that when I make "commits" the changes are live on the site instantly.

I'm new to this, so I hope that I have a correct understanding so far.

Thanks for any help at all :thumbsup: ,