View Full Version : Image as background but same on all monitors???

04-05-2011, 10:59 PM
First to thank you all for your time.

Here is what is needed:
Image that is real image/not some graphic, let's say image of some singer ;)
Now, the image needs to look the same on all monitors from 17"-24" ....
1.Scales image as needed
2.Retains image proportions (aspect ratio)
3.No scrollbars

To look the same in all browser...\\\

Idea was width/height:100% : But while it was perfect on 17" on 22" was width-ok but height was a little distorted.

Now I am thinking that is logically that that is impossible. There are different monitor resolutions, different ratios, and as plus there is image ratio.

I am posting this here to 'hear' this is possible, with css or no? Or to find out that this is something no one can do.
Note; Microsoft couldn't do it(remember background of desktop?) you will have different images for different resolutions?!

Thank you in advance,

04-05-2011, 11:54 PM
Hello Jaca,
Have a look at this bit of jQuery that might do the trick - http://johnpatrickgiven.com/jquery/background-resize/