View Full Version : Looking for extremely gifted programmer

04-02-2011, 05:04 PM
I am looking for a extremely gifted programmer who will work on my website with me and is willing to do it for a percentage of future revenue. I cannot offer cash at the moment because my funds are depleted but I GUARANTEE you that the idea I am going to pitch to you is one worth working for. I will also need someone with a lot of time on their hands, so we can complete my projects at a very quick pace. If you are interested in this, then please message me for more details. Skills needed:

- experience with social networking code
-experience with mysql database creation and programming
-experience with javascript and apache programming
-basically, experience with all levels of coding and programming

Once again, don't over look this offer because the idea is a next generation product. In essence, I need someone who will help me build the next generation website and will do it out of passion and with the future in mind.

Contact me at derrickboutin@yahoo.com if you are interested and I will give you more details. Please send me resume of what you have done and can do.