View Full Version : Looking for an avatar mod for PHPBB3

03-26-2011, 09:04 PM
This is somewhat of a feeler because I'm not entirely sure how much something like this would cost.

I am looking for someone to develop an avatar system, similar to that of gaiaonline (and similar websites such as solia-online, roliana, menewsha, trisphee, et cetera for reference), to work in a phpbb3 forum.

Basically, all users will have a human "base" character (not requesting any images to be made, I have them), and they can earn points to buy clothing and dress up their character. There are some cash mods and shop mods already available for phpbb3, and if you would prefer to work with preexisting mods that is perfectly fine with me. Most of the sites I listed for reference work with phpbb2 which has a mod many people have modified for their purposes called nulavatar; if you wanted to remake that to work in phpbb3 and edit it to our purposes that would be fine with me as well, or you could create everything from scratch if that is how you prefer to work.

The dress up system will consist of several "layers" of transparent .png images that are in fixed position to fit the base. (not like the mod called livingavatars, where the image is dragged into position. all the images will just have the same dimensions with transparent backgrounds so theyll automatically be cropped into the right position.) There will be a gender factor as the male and female character bases are posed differently, so we would need for only male items to show up in a male characters inventory and shops, and vice versa for the female. (all items on the head will be unisex, so if possible a third unisex option for uploading items would be great, but if its not possible we can upload images twice) also some if x then y factors such as, if the character has a certain skintone, and they equip facial features, it will equip the features that are blended for that skintone, instead of having several copies of the item in different skintones in their inventory. This same kind of clutter saving thing would be used for items in multiple colors; if the user owns the same item in different colors, when they click the item in their dressup page, the different recolors of that item (only the ones the user owns) will show up so the user can choose which color to equip. this is to save the user from having to scroll through the same item in different color. we would also need the option for some items to automatically equip in two layers (front and back) without the user having to select two layers. Also needed would be the option to have some items with more than one "pose" or layer, like an item package, that lists as one item in the users inventory but they can equip multiple images from it to their character in their dressup page.

clothing items should also be purchasable in shops with points earned from posting and other methods (like i mentioned before with cash mods and shop mods,) as well as tradeable between users. would be great to have the same option with recolors as in the inventory; a note could show how many recolors of the item there are and clicking on the item would show it in all colors so the user can choose which color to purchase

i would be able to provide sketches of how i want it to look upon request for clarity as well as more information on what i am looking for.