View Full Version : ASPX and POST values

03-22-2011, 10:15 PM
Hello guys I am making an iphone app and I am trying to send username and password to an .aspx website.

This is the login site: www.cytamobile-vodafone.com/miPortal/HeaderLoginBar.aspx

after capturing the login process I got that: %3D&HeaderLogin1%24CybeeUserName1%24txtUserName=myuser name&HeaderLogin1%24CybeePassword1%24txtPassword=mypass &HeaderLogin1%24ibtnLogin.x=31&HeaderLogin1%24ibtnLogin.y=7

I tried to send the txtUsername and txtPassword but nothing happening. Then I download the source of the website and I found Header1_CybeeUsername1_txtUsername,Header1$CybeeUs ername1$txtUsername, and the same for password field and Login button. Which of these values I have to send to the server? I have to send value for the ibtnLogin also?