View Full Version : Mysterious output buffering

03-14-2011, 08:24 PM
The support ticket the Rackspace Cloud guys made sums it up the best, so here is the problem:
A simple (echo) PHP script is behaving differently on a Cloud Server compared to its original location:

Original - http://textspyder.com/chico/findSchedule.php
Cloud Server -

The script:

# nano /home/andrew/public_html/test.php
</table width='900'>
echo $i ." ";

Apache config update:

Changed: DocumentRoot /var/www > DocumentRoot /home/andrew/public_html
Changed: <Directory /var/www/> > <Directory /home/andrew/public_html/>

When 'implicit_flush' is on php.ini, the script behaves as it should. This is considered unnecessary, and simply a stop-gap solution
'output_buffering' is off, as well as compression (gzipping) on the server itself.

Similar behaviour is encountered with lighttpd.