View Full Version : help with video demo

03-10-2011, 06:08 PM
Hi everyone, so i made a video demo using my web cam, quite frankly it looks like cr_p because im not a video pro and have no idea what frame set or rate or any of that when i convert it from avi. It looks great on the screen but on camera it looks horible, all fuzzy.. the original avi looks good but its when i convert it that it looks horrible.

so i looked around google and i found some monitor video casting softwares (screen casting) but they are way to expensive for me, and i dont like the idea of having something on my computer that records everything on my screen, for login security of course.

i have seen these videos on youtube that are nice how to videos, they have a yellow dot that follows the mouse and they can zoom and all that.. but i dont know what they use to do that.

is there a cost effective solution that wont break the bank but allows me to make better demo? Do i just need to convert it to diferent format?

Im not sure what to do..