View Full Version : Online Tuition - Wordpress Customisation

03-07-2011, 10:17 PM
I am looking for someone to guide me through designing a website similiar to the guardian or the times using wordpress.

I have a good knowledge of web design as I have been purusing my interest for atleast ten years now I think but I have never had anyone to learn from or guide me through. I was thinking about going to university to gain valuable academic knowledge, however i don't think that the level that I want to get too is possible to achieve through university.

However not having produced any wordpress website other than the simple install a numerous amount of times.

I am looking for someone who is readily at hand to explain where I go wrong, be suggestive and someone who can give me hints and tips at how to go about tackling certain tasks.

I would only prefer to learn from someone who knows wordpress like an a to z map.

Please forward me any previous work and your thoughts please.