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03-05-2011, 02:27 PM
I have a php web-based application using CSS, Smarty Template engine with MySQL, This is a private social club membership management system / check-in system. I am looking for someone who can convert this to a .NET system using SQLite database.

I have my php version on the market right now, I have had some clients wanting a local based system. So I thought I should have a version made into .NET so the user can just install the EXE file on their local machine.

I have all my php source code. I do have a live demo system on my server currently, please have a look at the membership application form and the check-in system and then email me with your project questions.

Membership Management System Page (http://rkswebdesigns.com/51/club-checkin-system/club-party-member-manager-check-in-system/)

Please contact me at: webmaster@rkswebdesigns.com

Thank you!