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02-28-2011, 03:49 AM
So I have been trying to use pythonxy to graph some data but have been having trouble getting the script I was given to work. The instructions I was given are as follows

* Now fire up your python shell:
ipython -pylab

This preloads numpy and matplotlib, but if you're using
something else, make sure those two packages are loaded...
numpy is a requirement for matplotlib anyway, but the
advantage to loading it explicitly is that it makes the
next step very easy:

% idx, P, Pdot = loadtxt("psrcat-P-Pdot.dat",
usecols=(0,2,3), unpack=True)

If I didn't have loadtxt from numpy, I'd have to actually
manually parse the data file, but that's not hard either.
Here's a snippet of code that does something similar:

f = open('myfile.txt', 'rU')
for line in f:
print line.strip()
x, y, z = line.split()

But then you still need to load the x,y,z values into an
array. Lets say loadtxt works for now.

So now you have one-dimensional arrays which contain P and
Pdot. Plot them up!

% plot( log(P), log(Pdot), 'ro' )

And you're off.

I really don't know much about python and trying to use pythonxy makes is a lot harder to figure out what I'm doing so any help is much appreciated. I have the data collected and saved correctly I know that much at least so if I can figure out how to get python to work then I should be good to go!

01-29-2012, 04:37 AM
can you verify that all required modules are being loaded?
Also, when you try this, is it giving you any kind of output?
On the console, what kind of errors is it giving you?
If it does actually display something on the plot window, what is it showing (or just plotting nothing at all)

This is interesting to me, as i am also using pythonxy and moving from MatLab to Python (since Matlab refuses to support ATI GPUs...which are 3x better at integer math than Nvidia GPUs btw)

..i am also a bit new to Python, though not a n00b to programming by a long shot