View Full Version : but i dont wanna do a mod_rewrite lol

02-26-2011, 09:55 PM
question because i dont really understand the concept here..

server question for the server master...

ok ill try to explain because its even confusing to me..

my original site on the server was www.xxx.com

if i make another sub to that, its ok its just www.xxx.com/whatever


lets say that i do an add on domain like i did with www.yyy.com

so if i pull up the file directory on the file manager i see a folder for yyy

with me so far... ok we are good so far

the problem lies in the fact that if i do a sub domain of yyy.com and i call it zzz

as soon as i create the sub directory yyy.com/zzz in control panel i go look at the file manage and it shows the folder zzz under my public html

thats not where i expect it to be

i expect the folder zzz to be created under yyy folder not the public html folder...

now i know the server links to yyy.com/zzz in its own way, because if i type in www.zzz.yyy.com it comes up

but thats not what i want, and im tired of having to do stupid *** rewrites every time i do a new sub domain of an add on domain.. in order for me to type in www.yyy.com/zzz instead of www.zzz.yyy.com

does that make sense.. all those rewrites are creating havoc with my sites, and every time i contact support i get someone that really does not understand my setup and applies general mod_rewrite rules that take me days to fix..

so here where i stand...

here is what i did.. i deleted the public html folder for zzz, and i moved it over to where i think it should be in the yyy folder

so there is no more zzz folder sitting in the public html.

but the software that i installed inside of zzz still works becuause i access it thru the url www.yyy.com/zzz

my question is i bypassed something i know, i know im screwing cpanel out of its public html link..

but is that ok to do.. it still works! or am i causing havoc that i will pay for later.. whats the down side or am i ok ??

i think to myself if it works why am i even creating the sub dir in cpanel in the first place, all i have to do is create sub folder and load my software and address it thru an url, right?