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02-18-2011, 10:22 AM
I have a page on my website that shows images fullscreen. But it messes up the proportions of all the images. How can I prevent that from happening.

The webpage can be viewed at http://www.henkroos.nl/nieuw/index.php
The code i use is:


//set image paths
src = ["plaatjes/001.jpg", "plaatjes/002.jpg", "plaatjes/003.jpg", "plaatjes/004.jpg", "plaatjes/005.jpg", "plaatjes/006.jpg",
"plaatjes/007.jpg", "plaatjes/008.jpg", "plaatjes/009.jpg", "plaatjes/010.jpg", "plaatjes/011.jpg", "plaatjes/012.jpg",
"plaatjes/013.jpg", "plaatjes/014.jpg", "plaatjes/015.jpg", "plaatjes/016.jpg", "plaatjes/017.jpg", "plaatjes/018.jpg",
"plaatjes/019.jpg", "plaatjes/020.jpg"]

//set duration for each image
duration = 4;

//Please do not edit below
ads=[]; ct=0;
function switchAd() {
var n=(ct+1)%src.length;
if (ads[n] && (ads[n].complete || ads[n].complete==null)) {
document["Ad_Image"].src = ads[ct=n].src;
ads[n=(ct+1)%src.length] = new Image;
ads[n].src = src[n];
function doLink(){
location.href = url[ct];
} onload = function(){
if (document.images)

Can anyone please help me?

02-18-2011, 10:30 AM
[QUOTE=allen1983;1055406]I only buy what food i need for that day .

Was that humor? If so, i really didn't get the clue. Maybe someone else can help me with my problem? Someone who's not Tommy Cooper!!

Gr. Henk

02-18-2011, 08:20 PM
have a look at this page: http://css-tricks.com/perfect-full-page-background-image/