View Full Version : Recommend an easy to use gallery/picture manager

02-15-2011, 02:43 PM
Hey, guys,

So, I have this menu page where a menu item, title and description are displayed.


Right now it consists of two slideshows side by side, one for the image and one for the text. It looks kinda nice, but it's all hard-coded into the source.

I want to make it easily editable with a UI. The website is running on Wordpress, but the solution doesn't necessarily have to be a WP plug-in, as long as it's easily editable.

Also, I can't use a solution where the text has to be in a picture format, because that means creating images from text and so on, and, unless it can be easily done, it's out of the question.

The final solution should be easy enough to use by someone who can't even copy/paste text properly.