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02-12-2011, 11:29 AM
Hey all, this is my first post. I'm posting because I've been hard at work these past two months on something new. It uses php, mysql, javascript, and later I might add some flash. This website, takes the best from the web and molds it into one formula.

I read the rules and it seems I cannot advertise. Which is fine, it's currently still in production and closed. But my question is this. Could I explain the concept, and let everyone tell me what they think?

02-12-2011, 11:59 AM
Well, I hope this is okay, if not, feel free to remove it.

Project: KHooLz

Everyone is familiar with Like's on facebook. I took it a bit further. Imagine a currency of Like's. When you like something, you use up a like, and give someone else one to use. I call them KHooLz instead. You gain XP for each KHooL you give, and slightly more when you receive one.

Then, I took the wall concept in a bit different direction. What if status updates, pictures, videos, articles, blogs were submitted to be rated? What if the goal of the experience, was to post things people are going to WANT to see so they can get KHooLz? I think it has potential. I mean, it's social networking that actually means something. I'm not out to replace any site, I just want to provide a great social experience, while at the same time allowing everyone to share content with others.

Members level up, earn new profile pics(less about face, more about presence. you can upload pics, but no custom profile pics), and expands what they can submit. Example: Level 1s can only post an Update(small status). Get to Level 3 and you can also post a Rant(big status, or even a debate). Level 5, pictures. Level 10, link youtube videos. 13 can submit articles, and 15 can approve. Reach 20, and you can submit blogs.

As you can see, it's a combo of many elements from other sites, into one formula, using mostly PHP. It might be a bit confusing, and that's my fault, but I think once you get used to it, it'll be less complicated. If anyone wants to see the inside, as I would love opinions of user interface, let me know. Thanks!

EDIT: Oh yeah, and there is a dislike function. I call them Lamez. They are hard to earn, but finally, users can state if they dislike something.

02-12-2011, 02:53 PM
It sounds like an interesting experiment but how do you plan on taking into account false clicks such as automated clicking programs or for that matter even take into account people maliciously applying Lamez or trying to falsely increase a persons KhooLz.

As an example the two major social networking platforms currently available, Facebook and MySpace. They have each spent countless millions of dollars developing the current systems they have and they have armies of programmers developing these services and they still have a problem with monitoring false clicks or malicious clicks.

Additionally what happens when someone doesn't have any more KhooLz, do they buy more from you or do they have to wait for someone to send them a KhooL. Is this a site aimed at a bit of fun and to stretch your programmers muscles or is this aimed at making some money. There are many aspects of the site which need to be worked out well before you develop the system. Would be interested in discussing this project further with you and to see where you are going with it as it sounds likeyou have some good idea's around it and would also like to talk to you more about UI designs and interactive solutions for the system to make it a unique experience for users online. Send me a PM and we can work from there.

02-16-2011, 07:37 AM
Tried sending a PM, but it's not showing up in my sent messages.

Basically, KHooLz is about 70% ready for beta. I do have security I plan on implementing, but it's going to have to be constantly improved on. I know, as with any kind of gaming or social site, that there are going to be ones that will try to cheat the system. I've had this in mind since I started work, and I think with close attention to security comboed with Mods, it will work okay.

KHooLz, UI-wise, looks very unique. I think it's something that people will enjoy. I've shown some friends, and given them test access, and all seem to enjoy the color choice and placement of the menu. Once logged in, Users are greeted with a user menu containing their profile picture, username, xp, amount of khoolz and lamez they can give, and current Level. Right above the usermenu is a system I call EyEz. It's simple Javascript that opens up more options. Right now it contains New(when you want to post something), which opens up links for a new Update, Rant, Pic, or Vid. Next to New, I have Score. This opens up the total score you have from achievements within KHooLz. Then of course, there's Search. Just brings up a search bar that will search the site for content. Finally there's a Close option, which closes the EyEz altogether.

It's really something you need to see, to understand. I will definately add to the EyEz, but for now, those options seem nice. The EyEz are there whenever you need them.

At launch, there will be limited games, but there will be some. Every day users can try their luck for a random set of KHooLz 1-5. Simple, but will add balance. When first signing up, you will have 10 KHooLz and only 2 Lamez. Lamez I want people to really earn. So I haven't exactly had time to brainstorm this, but I plan on it.

Other than that, users earn KHooLz..well, by earning them. This will help users post useful updates, or detailed Rants. You will want people to like it. I also plan on making pictures a key element, mainly because of all the creative people out there. Like most sites, you can upload a picture of yourself, or even art you create. Whatever you think will merit more KHooLz.

It's still on one leg, but I think I can really evolve the way social networking should be. If I constantly improve on things and keep a close ear on user input, then I do honestly think KHooLz will grow into something nice.

If anyone wants access, just send me a PM. I'll let you login under an account to check it out.