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02-11-2011, 05:38 PM
Which size to use on mobile website?

Is correct
<meta name="" content="width=320;" />

Should we use tables and it will work in in all mobile devices like:

<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%">

<td class="paragraph1">
<div><img src="spacer.gif" width="2" height="7" alt="" /></div>
<a href=" "><strong>Heading</strong></a>
<div><img src="spacer.gif" width="2" height="7" alt="" /></div>



02-12-2011, 04:41 AM
You should use the same semantic code you would use for a regular computer screen website. There is no reason why you would resort to old school table layouts. Just let the layout adapt to the size of the device, i. e. no fixed width. Some browsers do support CSS 3 media queries so you should look into that.

02-12-2011, 08:18 AM
Websites using tables for layout will not render well on mobile handsets. The site must use CSS for layout
The site must be coded using either XHTML or XML
Bear in mind different screen sizes of mobile users. The largest screen size available is probably 640 x 480, whereas the average is closer to 120 pixels

02-12-2011, 09:26 AM
So, using 320 px or 100% is correct average and I can use DT DL without tables?
What about WAP detection?