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02-09-2011, 08:32 PM
Please contact me via PM for more details on this project.

02-24-2011, 09:47 PM
The project...

Wanting an animation of a Lexus Limo (Lexus LS 320) (Dark Grey or a Light Grey), Chauffer (with a Chauffer's hat) (if possible, White male) and Passenger/s (if possible, 3 mixed ethnicities)

No background, all white.

We would like to have the Lexus car pull up beside the Passengers, Chauffer gets out of limo on the right hand side (we are from the UK and have right hand drive cars) and walks around the Lexus car and opens door for Passengers to get in, Passengers get in car, and the Chauffer closes the door, the Chauffer then gets back in Lexus and drives off in to distance.

the sort of car we are looking for is something like this one, but in Dark Grey or a Light Grey colour

I have someone else working on a new logo for him and this will need to be placed in the centre of the passenger (left hand side) front door.
a bit like the following example. (file attached)

But we have not yet got this ready so we will need to have a place holder type image that we can change at a later date to the new logo when they have finished it.

As car pulls off, a puff of smoke from the exhaust comes out in the shape of a phrase, still to be agreed, but maybe something like, ‘another satisfied customer’ but this will be agreed later on.
this part is not part of his original request but I thought it may look cool to have something like this.
This feature we would like to be able to change the text as and when needed. Maybe via an XML file ? Possible ?

Also the FLA file must be included so we can replace the temporary logo image with that which is being created.

Please submit your quotes via PM