View Full Version : [Job Available] Designer/Programmer Position - Dallas, TX Preferred But Not Necessary

02-05-2011, 03:01 AM

My name is Shaz and I'm from Blue Track Media. Very new to this forum, but stumbled across it looking for some applicants to hire. I noticed a lot of users here are looking for a job so I thought I would post a position the company is looking to fill. We are currently looking for a very skilled designer with programming abilities. I have worked with many designers and programmers in the past and have found it hard to find a person with above average skills in both categories, but I do believe there are people out there who can fill this position.

Our office is located in Dallas, Texas so if the applicant is around that area that would be a plus, but we currently do employ staff who work around the country so there is not too much importance placed on location. As long as you can work during the times we work and show admirable progress everything should be fine. We are very flexible and light hearted company looking to employ motivated and creative individuals.

Below is what we are looking for:

Website/Graphic/Flash Designer
- Must be able to design in PSD
- High quality web 2.0 professional designs needed (this is important, we are very picky with designs)
- Ability to splice designs into CSS/HTML
- Constant communication and updates
- Ability to meet deadlines and work fast
- Ability to design web designs, banners, flash, graphics

Other skills that would help
- Programming abilities (PHP, MYSQL, JAVA)
- Wordpress skills
- SEO Abilities

The job might entail other works that will help you increase your knowledge in designing and programming, as well as a great addition to your resume.

Please PM me with the following information if you are interested:
Design Skill Set (Photoshop?, Flash?, Etc):
Design Portfolio:
Any Other Skills You Have (Programming?, Wordpress?, SEO?, etc):
Rate per hour desired:
Hours per week you can work:

Thank you for your time and application. All PMs will be answered within 24 hours and if the position is filled a post saying so will be made.