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02-02-2011, 10:52 PM
I'm working on a web app, and one part of it involves resizing and dragging div elements. Because one of my goals for this web app is to be very lightweight and load quickly, I don't want to use a huge framework like jQuery.

I wondered if anyone knew of a small library that could do dragging and resizing.

rnd me
02-02-2011, 11:21 PM
there is a small and ultra-efficient drag and drop library in my signature under dnd...
it has basic repositioning with location memorization, and provides an ondnd event for creating interactions.

still, there is a new dnd standard in html5, and you might want to look into that for complex actions like data transfer.

02-03-2011, 11:26 PM
Thanks for the response. However, I realized that I need something else also: a show/hide system to hide/show divs. I know I could do this using the visible css property, but do you know any libraries/frameworks that can show/hide using a fade effect, and also do what I mentioned in my first post?