View Full Version : making a pop up box scrollable :)

06-16-2003, 12:53 PM
hello team.

I have a question which I hope is simple for the likes of the experienced javascript programmers... I should be able to do it but sadly the weekend has not helped my head on a functionally level, so I seek help......

ok my probem is, i have this code but i want to simply add,
If needed, make window scrollable, ??? hmmm

here is me code

<SCRIPT>function fullWindow(url) { var str = "left=0,screenX=0,top=0,screenY=0,resizable"; if (window.screen) { var ah = screen.availHeight - 30; var aw = screen.availWidth - 10; str += ",height=" + ah; str += ",innerHeight=" + ah; str += ",width=" + aw; str += ",innerWidth=" + aw; } win=window.open(url, "w", str);} </SCRIPT>

any help would be appriciated,

resizable does not work

06-16-2003, 05:43 PM
sorry this morning I was just being thick,,, it was easy...

my head is returning to normal.. after to much sun and booze.

thanks anyway..

if anyone wants to know what I did wrong.. I was getting resizable and scrolling confused.. and that was it ... stu[pid hey.

I missed out... scrolling=yes

and that was it.. :(

:confused: , what a fool