View Full Version : cookies: small issues, please help

06-16-2003, 09:10 AM
Hey all,

I am having a small issues with a cookies I am trying to set.

I am setting, accessing and deleting it fine..but the problem shows up when I go into subfolders of the domain I'm on....the cookie them gets set numerous times as I browse sub-directories in my site..For example:

mysite.com --> cookie set
mysite.com/news --> new cookie set
mysite.com/articles --> new cookie set

In other words. I am setting various cookies with the same "name"....so my script is bunking up cause I 'can't delete the appropriate cookies cause numerous ones are set.

I want to set JUST ONE, and have only that one hold the 'name' I'm setting......

I tried ommiting the path and domain, putting slashes for their values so that the cookie is always set from the domain..but no go....whats going on... I am using the standard cookies functions.

please advise.