View Full Version : Need Help with Gui (AutoHotKey)

01-30-2011, 04:46 AM
Could not find an AHK section so this seems best.

I have a gui set up so a user can fill in lots of details, and then run the script using those details. However, I need something that allows me to save these individual details so they can be loaded by default. Here is the gui info if you need it.

Gui, Add, Picture, x-8 y0 w490 h380 , C:\Users\Alex Sharpe\Pictures\Background.png
Gui, Add, Text, x92 y80 w50 h20 , Accounts
Gui, Add, Edit, x92 y110 w90 h20 vEdit1, Edit1
Gui, Add, Edit, x202 y110 w90 h20 vEdit2 +Password, Edit2
Gui, Add, Edit, x92 y140 w90 h20 vEdit3, Edit3
Gui, Add, Edit, x202 y140 w90 h20 vEdit4 +Password, Edit4
Gui, Add, UpDown, x362 y100 w0 h150 , UpDown
Gui, Add, Text, x92 y180 w50 h20 , Channel
Gui, Add, Edit, x92 y210 w90 h20 vEdit5, Edit5
Gui, Add, Button, x92 y240 w90 h30 , Subscribe
Gui, Add, Button, x222 y200 w150 h60 , Save Accounts and Close
; Generated using SmartGUI Creator 4.0
Gui, Show, x127 y87 h391 w498, New GUI Window