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01-29-2011, 05:34 PM
Please take a look at my new website and give me your honest feedback. http://www.mytimecapsule.net .

This is a website where you can create your online time capsules.

I appreciate your feedback.

01-30-2011, 02:39 PM
My first impression is positive with the nice color scheme and pretty icons.
A few things you might want to work on:

Watch the alignment of the three sections at the top with the title, navigation, and bottom content, and the alignment of the intro text at the right. Itís very inconsistent now.
The layout of the bottom content is a little unclear. The table borders look very oldschool, you might wanna use some less intrusive borders that fit better into the color scheme.
Also the footer (to wich I count the quick contact row) is somewhat falling apart. Make it strech across the entire viewport (like the header but without fixed position).
The form fields in the contact section are misaligned. The cursor goes outside the field background and the text isnít vertically centered.

One very serious issue is that your site is partly unusable or shows a different style if JS is disabled which, in this context, is not necessary at all. For example the Facebook/Twitter icons at the top: why are these not regular links but meaningless empty divs that require JS to go to the respective site?

All in all, the underlying HTML is a pretty big mess. I figure youíre using a CMS for the site but still, the templates can be cleaned up a lot.