View Full Version : js overwriting each other. Video player overwriting hover option in menu

01-29-2011, 05:28 PM
Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum and new to javascript and css.

I'm building a website off some templates but I'm realizing that different javascripts can cancel each other out.

here is my page:

I have two particular problems.

1) the js for my trailer I use on my page is overwriting the other js function such as my "social slider" on the side and the hover option in my menu.
I have used many different js on the site all doing different functions and they are most likely overwriting each other but I have no idea how to fix that since I don't know js.

1b) as you can see the video player is in a "draw ap Div" but the position should be "absolute." However, I used different draw ap Div in each other and I can't figure out which I have to choose to make the window position "absolute".
the css code is here: http://www.mauromueller.com/3backyards/css/screen_home.css

second: http://www.mauromueller.com/3backyards/gallery.html
2a) I would like to have the hover option in my menu working. Once the mouse hovers over the options "still pics" and "behind the scenes" I would like to see the options underlined (which was working before but I assume there is also some js overwriting going on).
2b) Also the thickbox gadget (for the gallery) seems not to be working (even though it did on my computer locally before uploading it). Again js overwriting?

Any help is appreciate since I'm hovering over those codes for days now and just can't figure it out.

Thank you