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06-14-2003, 10:44 AM
I have a table a images shown at a certain size. I'm trying to create a script that will load the image at a bigger size, by my choosing, in a new window when the mouse is moved over that image. Then close that window once mouse is off that image. I've also thought about just loaded a 'preview' window when that page loads, then have the images load in that window... without the window ever closing. Haven't decided which way would work best, but if someone could help me out with either method, or has ideas on a different method... please let me know. It would be appreciated!


06-14-2003, 02:57 PM
put this in the head.

function openit(aImg,x,y)
function closeit(aImg,x,y)

put this in you img tags:

onmouseover="openit('largerPic',100,100);" onmouseout="closeit();"

replace the largePic with name of the pic u wanna open in the new window.

06-14-2003, 06:16 PM
I'd stay away from pop-ups...Everybody is turning them off. :D