View Full Version : Show more/less text?

01-21-2011, 04:50 PM
I am looking for a way to show more or less text. I want to show 600 characters by default and if show more is clicked it will show 600 more characters and then if clicked again shows 600 more untill there are no more characters. I also would like a show less button to collapse the text back to its default 600 characters. I have pages with 5000+ words and this would make reading much easier and make it look nicer. Right now I am using this to show the first 600 chars and when show more is clicked it expands all the way.

$(document).ready(function() {
var showChar = 600;
var ellipsestext = "...";
var moretext = "View more";
var lesstext = "View less";
$('.more').each(function() {
var content = $(this).html();

if(content.length > showChar) {

var c = content.substr(0, showChar);
var h = content.substr(showChar-1, content.length - showChar);

var html = c + '<span class="moreelipses">'+ellipsestext+'</span>&nbsp;<span class="morecontent"><span>' + h + '&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><a rel="nofollow" href="" class="morelink">'+moretext+'</a></span>';



if($(this).hasClass("less")) {
} else {
return false;

I am looking for any code or this code to be altered to show 600 characters by default and 600 more when show more is clicked and so on. I don't care how it is done, whether it be javascript or jquery or anything I would just like it to work and I have very little knowledge of java and if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. thanks.