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01-18-2011, 11:47 PM
Hi Guys,

Im new to javascript/ajax and really want to achieve the navigation system seen at visitcornwall.com (http://visitcornwall.com). Ive seen tutorials on menus which drop down but cant find anything the same as this. Seems a good way of saving space as each drop down is loaded in the same place, ive looked at the source and cant figure out how its done. I need know two things:

1. Is this done using javascript, ajax or jQuery.
2. What is this technique called (so i can find some relevant tuts).

Really i should learn javascript from scratch but ive just got done learning php and my brain wont be up to it for a month or so! -and i need it for a project now. If theres any advice u can give me on the quickest way to learn this technique that would be great.

Thank v.much