View Full Version : Java based Online downloader flexible for other sites

01-18-2011, 01:50 PM
I need a solution in which videos of online tube sites get downloaded using url. A webpage based solution like keepvid.com.
I have the youtube based java downloader but what i exactly need is
Java based Online downloader flexible for other sites too.
What main difference i want is it must be able to add me other sites or you can say editable for adding and fixing video tube website.
Any suggestion.

Let say for accurate example (e.g videoweed.com)

Video Link : http://www.videoweed.com/file/n4pwypoqd2l9a

now we need to get the FLV, Mp4 source link which will help us download it.

so the source of the above (in my pc) is


but the problem is the above download link is abide for some token which uses the server IP what i need is that it use the Java applet and than get the user ip and use the source code of it..
What i mean is the security is such that the url is Unique for every IP browser etc. So a javaapplet will help in this situation like the Youtube Java Download which works on the same concept but it is not flexible for adding other sites like videoweed and many other sites.
For some sites PHP extracting method works but for many other like bright cove advance java applet and enduser or website visitor browser control is need. I hope you understand.