View Full Version : jQuery Ajaxify Execution

01-17-2011, 01:14 AM
I have been looking at using jQuery and Ajaxify for my website to make only certain links run as AJAX links, namely links which don't need confirmation or lead to another page, such as deletion links or report links, I read about Ajaxify and saw that it would do exactly what i'm after but I would like to use it the way that Facebook does in so much as there is a HTML attribute in the <a> tag named ajaxify which contains the URL to connect to along with the parameters. It will only ever be a GET and there won't ever be a response from the page.

This is something like what I want to achieve...

<a href="#" class="someClass" ajaxify="/path/to/handler/file.php?q=2837942349&f=23849234>Some Caption</a>

<a href="index.php?something=true">Some Other Caption</a>

So essentially what I am after is for the first link to be turned into an AJAX link and when it is clicked it calls /path/to/handler/file.php?q=2837942349&f=23849234 and then does something on the client side which I can specify on the onclick function such as DoDelete( ).

Thanks in advance