View Full Version : link to a mySQL database search results page

01-05-2011, 10:24 PM
Hi all!,

I'm having a few challenges trying to create a link to a "new" search from a database search results page. This maybe a better example:

My goal is:
To allow website visitors to searches site for i.e. "Dog Collars", the results page lists every "dog collar" and store that carries "dog collars" (in database).

At that point I would like to have links (on the results page) to all brands of "dog collars" and stores that carry "dog collars".

I would like to then be able to click on a "brand" (text link) of "dog collars" and then generate a new results page that lists all store and vendor information.

thank you in advance!


p.s. this is a link to a site that has a similar feature: