View Full Version : working in IE7 but not in IE8

01-05-2011, 04:46 PM
check out this page http://qa-www.inmarkit.net/cu.php (you might see an ERROR like "Notice: Undefined index: SCRIPT_URI ... on line 23" THAT'S FINE - that page sets a cookie to allow you to see the header with login on homepage)

then go to the homepage: http://qa-www.inmarkit.net/

and try to click on "Log In" in top right corner

a overlay with iFrame opens IE7 but not in IE8

can anyone point me in the right direction...

what's the right way to handle something like this? approach? steps? techniques? tools?

Thank you...
PS Looking for general advise - but perhaps you are up to the challenge and see the exact cause?