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01-04-2011, 04:16 AM

I am a JavaScript novice, and appreciate any help you can give.

For design reasons, we did not like the appearance of a still video on our web page. So I write a short little script to replace a picture that we selected, with the code for a flash player, once the image was clicked.

The code works exactly as designed on IE and Chrome. It works *almost* as designed on Firefox and Safari -- but on those browsers the "fullscreen" button in the plugin doesn't work.

It is *not* a problem with the FlowPlayer code. If I simply put the FlowPlayer code into a web page, it works fine. I think that somehow some browsers do not want to let the FlowPlayer expend outside of the JavaScript object box I created -- though that is just an hypthesis.

If you have any insight or suggestions, I would appreciate it.

The page is at http://sudval.org/test.html

The code:

<div style="line-height: 12px;letter-spacing: 0px;">

<script type="text/javascript">
function changeText(){
var strOut;
strOut = " <object id=\"videoplayer\" width=\"334\" height=\"204\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" data=\"http://app.provdn.com/flash/flowplayer.swf\">";
strOut = strOut + " <param name=\"movie\" value=\"http://app.provdn.com/flash/flowplayer.swf\" />";
strOut = strOut + " <param name=\"allowFullScreen\" value=\"true\" />";
strOut = strOut + " <param name=\"allowscriptaccess\" value=\"always\" />";
strOut = strOut + " <param name=\"flashvars\" value=\"config={\'playlist\':[{\'url\':\'http://cdn.provdn.com/4931/thumbnail/frame_0000.png\',\'scaling\':\'fit\'},{\'url\':\'http://app.provdn.com/output_videos/0e7c9ace9c16d4351b5108133cf1efaceebe89bb\',\'autoPlay\':true,\'scaling\':\'fit\'}],\'plugins\':{\'controls\':{\'url\':\'http://app.provdn.com/flash/flowplayer.controls.swf\',\'playlist\':false,\'backgroundColor\':\'#000000\',\'tooltips\':{\'buttons \':true,\'fullscreen\':\'Enter Fullscreen mode\'}},\'bwcheck\': { \'url\': \'http://app.provdn.com/flash/flowplayer.bwcheck-3.1.3.swf\', \'netConnectionUrl\': \'http://cdn.provdn.com/bitrate/test.mp3\', \'bitrates\': { \'http://app.provdn.com/output_videos/542539e49d4056ce6d3968958313be3dee94614b\':200, \'http://app.provdn.com/output_videos/d31b9a3562c35244cb2c2a28bb4a9aaa1edd1995\':600, \'http://app.provdn.com/output_videos/0e7c9ace9c16d4351b5108133cf1efaceebe89bb\':1000 }, \'urlPattern\': \'{1}\', \'urlExtension\': \'swf\' }}}\" />";
strOut = strOut + " <param name=\"bgcolor\" value=\"#000000\" />";
strOut = strOut + " <param name=\"wmode\" value=\"opaque\" />";
strOut = strOut + " <!--[if gt IE 6]><!-->";
strOut = strOut + " <object width=\"334\" height=\"204\" type=\"video/quicktime\">";
strOut = strOut + " <param name=\"src\" value=\"http://cdn.provdn.com/4931/thumbnail/frame_0000.png\" />";
strOut = strOut + " <param name=\"href\" value=\"http://app.provdn.com/output_videos/54339bc0f4a7c39dd0d746f52139d3a6b6c46375\" />";
strOut = strOut + " <param name=\"target\" value=\"myself\" />";
strOut = strOut + " <img src=\"http://cdn.provdn.com/4931/thumbnail/frame_0000.png\" width=\"334\" height=\"204\" alt=\"No Video\" title=\"No video playback capabilities.\" />";
strOut = strOut + " </object>";
strOut = strOut + " <!--<![endif]-->";
strOut = strOut + " </object>";
document.getElementById('boldStuff').innerHTML = strOut ;

<b id='boldStuff' onclick='changeText()'><img src="images/videoimg.png" alt="no video" title="Introductory Video" width="334" height="204"></b>

<p><A HREF="/08_cont_03.html"><img src="images/OH012211.jpg" alt="button" width="161" height="181" title="Open House!" BORDER="0" ALIGN="right" style="margin-left: 10px;"> </A></p>

<font size="2" style="font-family:arial; font-size:80%; line-height:1.3;">

<p id='boldStuff' onclick='changeText()' align="left">

This video is a glimpse into the life of our school. Enter a world of young people who are exuberant about their lives, and are fully in control of their education. We hope you will enjoy their spirit, their focus, and above all their intensity in pursuing their passions.

<br><img src="images/playvid.png" alt="Play Video" title="Play Video" width="100" height="25" style="margin-top:10px;">