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01-01-2011, 06:47 PM

I am looking for a way to select a file from a list and load it into a webpage.
The page and the files are stored on a sd-card for off-line usage, I know that listing files remote dynamicly needs a scripting engine but since the sd-card is on the client side that is not possible, but I can make a list of those files when creating them.

It is intended for a datalogger on a tractor-puller, I create csv files with a bash script on the logger and for off-line viewing I use a javascript charting engine which loads the csv file, the files have the creation date as filename and I can make (and maintain) a list of files when creating them.
The plan is that the we can select another data set (run) from within the browser and show that one.
I have setup an example at http://www.dlogger.deserver.nl/test/

If someone can help me out this year starts good!

01-02-2011, 04:48 AM
Are you using an ajax function to load the defined csv files?

01-02-2011, 07:38 AM
Yes, it came with the package; http://www.simile-widgets.org/timeplot/

01-02-2011, 12:05 PM
I did find some MS javascript code that creates a dropdown from a comma seperated text file that does the trick but I am still strugling how to load the selected file in the graphing script.

01-02-2011, 02:34 PM
Found the answer piece by piece with google, view the source of the above page to see the outcome.