View Full Version : CKeditor - Removing \r before submit to mySQL

12-23-2010, 09:03 AM
Hi all,
Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I'm 99% done on a CMS using PHP with AJAX & mySQL that powers a flash file using XML generated from the database.

I'm having an issue with str_replace on the text editor content, as i have to convert / strip out some characters that would break the XML.

When using ckeditor, the str_replace works fine if enter is pressed once, but when i double return to generate \r carriage return, the str_replace isn't stripping it out, it just generates " ", even though i specify "". This whitespace is causing an issue when the page is refreshed and ckeditor tries to load the whitespace, it just appears blank.

function convertMiscTags($string) {
$find = array("’","…","–","<p>","</p>","","‘"," ","‘","&nbsp;"," <br />","<br /> "," </li>","</li> ","","","<br /> <br />","<br /> </li>","”","“","\r"," <br />");
$replace = array("'","...","-","","","","'","","'","","<br />","<br />","</li>","</li>","e","c","<br />","<br /></li>","'","'","","<br />");
$replacedstring = str_replace($find, $replace, $string);
$nl2pagebreakstring = nl2br($replacedstring);
$cleansedstring = trim($nl2pagebreakstring);
return $cleansedstring;

Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong, or have any ideas from their own experiences, as to what can be done to strip this out please?

Thank you.