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12-22-2010, 03:28 AM
First time poster. so be kind :)

Hi All,
I have found a bit of shared code on the net that can be used on Facebook. The way it is used is on profiles, or groups, that extend beyond an original page. You load the page and then paste the script into the address bar (in FF and chrome) and hit enter. This then goes down and looks for the 'older post' tag and expands it every 4 seconds. When it gets to the end of the group, it does not stop, it just goes into a loop and restarts from the beginning. I am wanting help to get it to stop at the end of the first pass.

This is the code:

javascript:function clrt(){alert('Stopped Post Load');if(f_sM){clearTimeout(f_sM);}};function showMore(){ProfileStream.getInstance().showMore();f_sM = setTimeout(showMore, 4000); xsm=document.getElementById('profile_pager_container');xsm.addEventListener('click',clrt,false)}; showMore();

I have also seen it done, with the same looping results, with this code:

javascript:function showMore() {ProfileStream.getInstance().showMore(); setTimeout(showMore, 4000)} showMore();

Can anyone help please?