View Full Version : Need US Programmer quotes

12-21-2010, 10:54 AM
Hey, requesting US programmers specifically, no offense intended for anyone else but that's just my preference.

My partners and I will probably be going with a socialgo infrastructure and so this will probably be a smaller project because I don't need you to make everything.

What I need a quote for is a profile ranking system that'd be on a social networking site.


1. Each profile has to have a positive vote button and a negative vote button that fellow registered members can push.

2. I need eight different categories of members (one category being "staff") and each category has a different vote value. One having a vote value of +1 or -1 for negative voting, and another member having like +5/-5. Also, everyone gets to vote only once on any individual person, but that vote can be undone and re-voted by the member at any time.

3. Out of seven rank symbols after a member's total points reach a certain high or low, that symbol needs to shift to the new rank on their profiles according to their current score.