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12-20-2010, 11:02 AM
Hi there,
I hope this is the right Forum for asking this. I'm trying to build a Bookmarklet for our Institute, which should work with our library repository.
The idea is to consult a SQL search within the repository using the serial number of an article or book which is imported into the bookmarklet via getSelection.

Then, after the search query is completed, the repository homepage prompts to the results page. This is where I get stuck. The bookmarklet should now simply show a prompt window saying: do you see a found result on this page? Yes or No. If the user clicks nno, the bookmarklet should forward to the import page, if Yes, the entry is already in the repository and the import is unneccessary.

javascript:Qr=document.getSelection();if(!Qr)%7Bvoid(Qr=prompt('Please%20type%20repository&20Nr.:',''))%7D;if(Qr)location.href='http://dali.biologie.uni-ulm.de/refbase-0.9.5/search.php?formType=sqlSearch&submit=&citeStyle=&citeOrder=&sqlQuery=SELECT+author%2C+title%2C+year%2C+publication%2C+volume%2C+pages+FROM+refs+WHERE+doi+RLIKE+ %22'+escape(Qr)+'%22+OR+notes+RLIKE+%22'+escape(Qr)+'%22+ORDER+BY+year+DESC%2C+author&showLinks=1&showRows=30&viewType=Web';


I hope this is not too confusing.
Thanks to anyone for help, and have great holidays!